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Tell me more about your products…

All of our products are free of parabens, gluten and harmful sulfates. You can learn more about ingredients, claims and usage on our dedicated product pages. Find out more here!

Are Verb products vegan?

Most of our products are vegan, with the following exceptions:

Are Verb products tested on animals?

We are Beauty without Bunnies certified by PETA confirming that VERB and our suppliers commit to never conducting, commissioning, paying for, or allowing tests on animals at ay phase of development, for both ingredients and final products. Peta's web

Can Verb be used on keratin-treated hair?

Our products are keratin safe with the exception of our Sea collection, which is formulated with sea salt.

Do you have any product tutorials I can watch?

You can watch tutorial videos here. Please also visit our dedicated product pages for more information about specific products.

How can I make sure my Verb products are legit?

The only way to ensure your products are authentic is to buy them from our website, Sephora, Ulta, Amazon or any of the locations found on our salon locator here.